REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF RODOPI S.A is Joint-Stock Company LOCAL AUTHORITY (LOCAL AUTHORITY Enterprise according to the 3rd article of 252 Law 3463/2006 “New Municipal and Community code”) and was founded in 1992.

“Rodopi Develpoment S.A” creates, supports, coordinates, materialises and administrates local developmental initiatives that correspond to the needs of institutions (Public and Private) not only in the Prefecture of Rodopi but also in the wider region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, through the operational projects of the 3rd and 4th Communal Support Framework and other national and European projects, upgrading the human potential of the Region, offering innovative solutions and practices, creating or adapting know-how, participating in networks aiming at the transport of experiences, knowledge and contributing in the lifting of isolation through organisational models adapted in local needs with a possessed upgraded human potential with the use of new technologies and modern tools of organisation.

Rodopi Development S.A offers the following services:

  • Advisor in matters of developing local authorities and organizations
  • Management and implementation of EU projects and initiatives
  • Management and financial models
  • Technical advisor in matters of law, development, urban planning and economic matters, etc.
  • Advisory services in marketing (promotion, sales administration, packaging etc)  
  • Advisory services in matters of rural development
  • Promotion services of the investment strategies of Rodopi County
  • Rodopi Development S.A has established, applies and maintains a Quality Administration System which is in line with the demands of the international model ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and which meets its goals and needs.

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Municipality of Haskovo

Haskovo municipality is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the region with well-developed modern technical and social infrastructure. It is characterized with high quality of life for its residents and preserved environment. The town is located in the central part of Southern Bulgaria, at the crossroads between Europe and The Middle East, which is a good prerequisite for international, commercial and cultural exchange.

In the municipality of Haskovo, there are extremely favorable climatic conditions for the development of vegetable and fruit growing. Tobacco growing is a traditional crop. There are also favorable climatic conditions for the establishment of vineyards and the development of wine industry. The industry in the municipality is diversified, however, it is specialized in the production of machinery for food and dairy industry, tailoring and knitwear production, bakery, meat and dairy industry, manufacturing of heating and household appliances. Traditional production sub-brach  is canning industry.

The region of Haskovo enjoys a favorable climate, convenient transportation and is a natural center for cultural events. Haskovo is known as one of the cleanest and most urbanized cities in the country.The environmental program of the city includes many important projects related to waste management, air and water monitoring, environmental management and environmentally protected areas."

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Chamber of Xanthi

The Chamber of Xanthi was founded on 28-8-1956 with the NR. 186 / 28-8-1956, and his area of ​​responsibility is the Prefecture of Xanthi. From 13-6-1925 until 31/7/1956 he was operating in the regional chamber of Xanthi.
Today, according to Law 2081 / 10-9-1992 "Regulation of the Chambers of Commerce" and 3419 / 06.12.2005 "GEM.H. & Modernization of Chamber Legislation "by a 21-member Board of Directors and a 5-member Administrative Commission. The Chamber of Xanthi today is one of the main pillars of the local economy. With the experience and know-how it has acquired over the past few decades, it is a necessary business support body but also an important factor driving developments in the region's economy with a key aspect of the official local development consultant.
He spoke with positions on development and economic policy as an official advisor to the Greek State.
He is a statutory member of the Prefectural and Regional Committees dealing with Business and Development issues.
It implements a number of programs related to the continuous training and information of entrepreneurs and workers.
It participates in European interregional and transnational programs aimed at transferring know-how, increasing the added value of its members, enhancing entrepreneurship in the region and creating the right infrastructure for development and sustainability.
In recent years, the Chamber of Xanthi has achieved major achievements in a basic three-pillar service:
Serious and targeted interventions on economic, development and business policy issues in Greece and abroad. Elaboration and implementation of European programs aiming at the upgrading of the body but especially of its members.
Immediate and faster service of member firms in information, support and action
The Chamber of Xanthi also has a Quality Management System according to DIN-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.

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Chamber of Drama

The Chamber of Drama is one of the 58 Chambers of Greece, and its area of ​​responsibility is the DR Drama.
Together with the other Chambers, they constitute the Central Union of Chambers of Greece (KEEE), which is the instrument of collecting the national expression of the Greek chambers and, by extension, the business world of the country.
The Chamber of Drama - according to the legislation in force - is a compulsory, independent and independent association of natural and legal persons who are trading in the region
of the Prefecture of Drama. It is a Legal Entity of Public Law (NPRD) and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Development.
It deals with the protection and development of all branches of the economy in cooperation with the state, by presenting relevant plans, suggestions and proposals for the promotion of local and national economy in general. It is a permanent advisory and advisory body for the development of the Prefecture.
He participates in European Union programs for entrepreneurship, infrastructure construction, conventional and web technology management, as well as the promotion of Drama products in the Greek and international markets, with the main axes of marble, food, wine, timber and high technology.
It immediately and thoroughly informs all members with relevant announcements, lectures, seminars and other events through the conventional and electronic press.
It protects and develops trade, industry, crafts and professions within the framework of the requirements of the national economy.
It advocates issues related to economic interests in the direction of the economic development of the site.
He informs his members responsibly about the multifaceted development of entrepreneurship in the Prefecture.

  • Maintains the General Commercial Registry (GEMI) in its region, which began operating for the first time in the country, in the year 2011.
  • It is involved with its members in dozens of committees, councils and local or regional working groups dealing with the economic and cultural life of the county and the region.
  • It provides information on business development, the export-import process and the conduct of competitions for various projects,
  • It maintains special registers for exporters, insurers and silversmiths.
  • It acts expertly, samples and resolves arbitration trade disputes.
  • It organizes lectures, conferences and conferences and training seminars for the information and training of its executives.
  • It publishes and distributes to its members the monthly Business magazine.
  • It honors people and entrepreneurs for distinguished business activities as well as their special contribution to the development of the Prefecture.
  • It promotes financially professional organizations, clubs, associations for distinguished activities that contribute to the economic and cultural development of the Prefecture.
  • He assigns the business name, certifies his activity and provides the necessary attestations.
  • Organizes business missions and participates in local, national and international exhibitions.
  • It submits studies and memoranda on trade and processing matters, which are accompanied by relevant opinions.
  • It has studies and programs for the prospects of various sectors of the Greek market.
  • It provides free legal advice to its members.
  • It keeps an Electronic Services Node for free online business information, through which every county business can be viewed online all over the world by developing its own website
  • within the Chamber's PORTAL.
  • Undertakes by decision of the Board of Directors initiatives for business, cultural, social and national events that contribute to economic development.
    It has four divisions: the Exporting Party with 74 members, the Manufacturing with 1,780 members, the Services with 1,773 members and the Trade with 2,242 members.

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GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI AMKE is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making, national based development agency situated in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has been established in 1997. 
In particular, the core competencies of GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI AMKE are described as follows:

  • Supporting development activities of agents and organizations
  • Strategic planning and studies on optimal use of funding resources
  • Management of projects financed by European Community and national funds
  • Elaboration of projects’ technical reports
  • Communicative policy support
  • Provision of  consulting and technical expertise
  • Promoting regional and local development
  • Development studies of geographical areas
  • Local development planning projects regarding human resources
  • Studies for the establishment and operation of employment support structures
  • Industrial studies
  • Assessment of interventions and policies at local and regional level
  • Cross-border co-operation development studies and activities

GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI NGO has been established with the aim to promote the following objectives:

  • Implementation, management and evaluation of technical development and human aid projects in Greece and abroad
  • The evaluation of programs of humanitarian and technical assistance aid
  • The conduct of studies and the provision of training services on the above
  • The provision of planning, management, implementation and evaluation of development and humanitarian programs on behalf of institutions, organizations and other NGOs
  • The undertaking of sub-contracting activities from other NGOs and the participation in consortia of projects
  • The implementation of human resources’ development programs, as well as projects confronting social inclusion and unemployment in local level
  • The organization of meetings and congresses and the publication of books and reports, regarding matters of humanitarian, food and technical assistance aid

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Haskovo Chamber of Commerce

The Haskovo Chamber of Commerce is the only local independent membership organization of its kind and offers a diverse and exclusive range of benefits to the entire spectrum of business and enterprises in the Haskovo region. As an accredited Chamber, HCCI provides access to the Business Network and data base of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.
By joining the Chamber you can find new business, make valuable contacts, raise the profile of your business and join a collective voice that can be heard in the corridors of power.
From expanding into international markets to sourcing reliable suppliers, the Chamber of Commerce's purpose is to support you in achieving your business goals.
HCCI was established in 1991 as an independent association, created on the base of voluntary, autonomy and self-financing. At this time we have about 200 members from the region of Haskovo. HCCI whose purpose is to support, promote, represent and protect the business activities of its members, as well as to contribute to the European and international integration of the Haskovo Region. We also offer cooperation to private personals and non-member companies. The team of the HCCI was established with the conviction that the enhancing of the local activities and entrepreneurs will contribute to the economical development and prospect of the region. 

The main goals of the HCCI are: 
To minister his members optimization of the circumstances for economical activity indoors and abroad;
To represent and to protect the united interests of its members to the local government authorities and trough the BCCI – to the central government management authorities;
To represent its members to the local, foreign and international organizations, with whom the Chamber has direct or indirect (trough BCCI) relationships;
To support its members for the increase of their participation opportunities on the foreign markets.

For achieving of exceptionally good results in 2003 and for the complete and effective work in favor of the regional business in the national system of regional chambers HASKOVO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY was awarded the honorary prize – the statue of Hermes and a Diploma at the annual awarding ceremony held by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In 2005 HCCI has been awarded again from the BCCI for its contribution to the achievement of the goals and tasks of the BCCI.

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The RDU  was registered on 3 Oct 1997 and involves three companies: BIT LTD,  STAMBOLOVO ESTEJT  LTD  and  INIMEX LTD. NGO managed by a Board consisting of three members: the Chairman and two Vice Presidents who managed together or separately. It employs about 10 people.

Since its establishment has successfully implemented more than 20 projects, quite diversified and ranging from entrepreneurship and innovation, to sustainable local development, environment and protection of animal species, to biological agriculture and urban planning.  RDU provides the following services: organization of seminars, conferences, courses, round tables, workshops, debates and discussions, prepares and publishes training materials, manuals, brochures, CDs, informational materials, video materials and more.

Key partners of the RDU project are: municipalities, schools, universities and other NGOs.

Mission and Objectives:

The RDU’s mission is to work towards a functioning market economy and democratic civil society in the district of Haskovo.

RDU has identified as its target groups and beneficiaries to be the young people, the small business and the municipal administrations in the district of Haskovo


  • Improving the economic and the social environment in the region.
  • Uniting the efforts of the businesses, NGOs and the authorities for local economic renovation.
  • Preparation of the young people for successful social and professional realization.
  • Raising the capacity of local businesses and its competitiveness.
  • Creating public-private partnerships and democratization of social and economic processes.
  • Raising the awareness, knowledge and skills of the people and of the representatives of the business.
  • Raising the level of qualification and professional preparation.
  • Strategic planning and coordination on local and regional level.

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Plovdiv University

Plovdiv University is one of the leading higher-education institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria. Also known as the University of Paisii Hilendarski, we are the largest university in southern Bulgaria and as well the second biggest in Bulgaria. Our college was initially founded in 1961 as a Higher Institute of Pedagogy for Natural Sciences and Mathematics; however, we were awarded university status in 1972. Today Plovdiv University provides degree-level education to students in more than 60 disciplines encompassing the humanities, social sciences and the aforesaid subjects.

The University per se comprises a number of teaching facilities spread across the city of Plovdiv. The Rektorat functions as the administrative heartbeat of the university and is located in the city centre, 24 Tsar Assen Street. Most lectures are held, either at the Rektorat, or else at the New Building, which is located to the south in the suburbs, 236 Bulgaria Boulevard. Another centrally-located building is to be found on Kostaki Peev Street and yet another in the Old Town, very close to the Roman Amphitheatre. Two further affiliated colleges and their respective teaching facilities are situated in the towns of Smolyan and Kardzhali. 

Plovdiv University employs over 900 academic and non-academic members of staff. There are 550 full-time academic employees, of whom 30 are Full Professors, 160 Associate Professors and 360 Lecturers. More than 8,000 full-time students and approximately 5,000 part-time students study in the nine faculties of the University. The University of Plovdiv prides itself on being a fully regulated institution that accepts students and hires and indeed promotes staff in full compliance with the Law of Higher Education. The University has received official state accreditation (2007), which allows it to confer each form of educational degree i.e. specialist, bachelor, master and doctor etc.

Plovdiv University has a library, its own publishing house, an information centre, scientific laboratories, language labs, multimedia-and-computer labs, a distance-learning centre, a career-guidance service, a research-and-development division, a sports centre, a student theatre and sundry other technical centres, including auxiliary and service units.

The University of Paisii Hilendarski actively maintains international contacts with almost all European countries, the United States as well as countries in Asia and Africa. It takes part individually or jointly with other European universities in those programs of the European Union, United States and Switzerland, which fund scientific research. Thus our academic community continues to develop strong research synergies with higher educational institutions in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

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The University of Macedonia

In a rapidly changing world, the University of Macedonia (UOM) ought to be in the foreground of innovation, extroversion and excellence relying on terms of social sensitivity and inclusion. Heading for its seventh decade of operation, the University of Macedonia is currently developing into an extrovert, innovative and bold academic institution placing teaching and research as its highest priorities rooted on solid and transparent qualification criteria. At the same time it is a well organized, functional, clean and student-friendly institution, defining its own identity, which is acknowledged by both the local and the wider Greek society.

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