PB4 - Deliverable 4.4.1 - Training Seminar in Drama. Development of Business Plans.Participation in the joint workshop with target group from Drama

On 01/02/2019, the Chamber of Drama held a workshop. During the Joint Workshop in Drama Chamber, Drama managed to gather almost 20 interested entrepreneurs and unemployed thinking of investing in social entrepreneurship. Invited experts/ speakers were the Iliodora Social Enterprise and Mr E. Kefalidis, Director of ANRO SA (LP). Iliodora elaborated on the obstacles, opportunities and challenges they faced when setting up their Social entrepreneurship whereas Mr. Kefallidis introduced possible amelioration of the existing financial instruments aimed at supporting social entrepreneurs and providing measurable social impacts. The event was moderated and concluded by Mr Alkis Papademetriou, EU Programmes Advisor for Drama Chamber (PB4), who highlighted the key takeaways from the presentations thoroughly and triumphantly.

Joint Workshop

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