University of Macedonia - Department of Educational and Social Policy PB9 – Deliverable 4.9.2. Training Seminar

As part of the project training material for a 50-hour training seminar was designed for Social Entrepreneurship.

The goals of the seminar were:

  • the understanding by the participants of the modern framework for the establishment and operation of social enterprises,
  • highlighting the opportunities offered by social entrepreneurship, especially in the midst of the severe economic crisis facing the affected areas,
  • offering the necessary knowledge to start the process of establishing a Social Enterprise,
  • the notification of the tools and the support offered by the Contractor and the Corporate Scheme with the implementation of the operation, from which the participants may benefit.

Greek Deliverables

1.1 Introduction in the Social Entrepreneurship concept 

1.2 Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe

1.3 The institutional framework and forms of social entrepreneurship in Greece 

1.4 The Bulgarian legal framework on Social Economy

2.1 Key Issues of Social Enterprise Management

2.2 Organizational Structure of Social Enterprises and Introduction to Business Administration Principles

2.3 Insurance and tax issues of Social Enterprises in Greece and Bulgaria

2.4 Financial management – Microcredit exploitation 

2.5 Business networking - Partnerships

2.6 Methods for investment evaluation

3.1 Human behavior theories

3.2 Attract and select candidate members and / or employees in social enterprises

3.3 Recruitment, management and mobilization of volunteers

3.4 Investigating training needs and counseling for employees, volunteers and members

3.5 Team development and Communication

3.6 Leadership - Leader development-exploitation of mentors

4. Marketing

5.1 Basic concepts of exports

5.2 Export readiness-New technology and export assistance

5.3 Tax and customs procedures for export trade