Municipality of Haskovo PB2 – Deliverable 5.2.3 EGTC cooperation framework

This Framework for European Territorial Cooperation on Social Entrepreneurship is made in the framework of the project SOCIAL FORCES, financed by the Interreg VA Greece Bulgaria 2014 2014 Cross-border Cooperation Program. Social entrepreneurship in Europe exists in many and many different forms. In some countries, there are laws that regulate it, while in others it is a practice that has been established over the years, which is governed by various laws and regulations. Social enterprises at the level of EU policies have been identified as a key tool for innovation and tackling the problems of poverty and social exclusion. As part of the policy to promote the social economy and social innovation, social enterprise has been identified as a tool to achieve the strategic goals set out in Europe 2020.

The role of social enterprises is recognized as a bridge through which active integration is encouraged and vulnerable groups can reach (and stabilize their position) in the areas from which they have dropped out (education, health services, the labor market). In the last 15 years there are no strategic European social documents (and not only) that do not prioritize social enterprises as a tool for social policy. For the purposes of different programs or policy areas, the EU places emphasis on different elements of the definition of social enterprise.

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