ANRO PB1 - Deliverable 4.1.1 Training Seminar in Rodopi

As part of the project a 50-hour training seminar was implemented in Rodopi for 20 people on Social Entrepreneurship. The seminar was addressed to existing and aspiring social entrepreneurs. The invitation for the seminar was published on 07/10/2019 on the website of the Regional Development Agency of Rodopi S.A. and on the project’s website. The selection process of the participants was completed by submitting 20 applications, all of which were selected to participate in the seminar. The seminar was held in a hall of the Professional and Craft Chamber of Rodopi with a capacity of more than 20 people, during the days Tuesday 17/12 09: 00-16: 00, Wednesday 18/12 09: 00-16: 00, Thursday 19/12 09 : 00-16: 00, Friday 20/12 09: 00-16: 00, Tuesday 07/01 09: 00-16: 00, Wednesday 08/01 09: 00-16: 00, Thursday 09/01 09:00 -17: 00.
The goals of the seminar were:
•the understanding by the participants of the modern framework for the establishment and operation of social enterprises,
•highlighting the opportunities offered by social entrepreneurship, especially in the midst of the severe economic crisis facing the affected areas,
•offering the necessary knowledge to start the process of establishing a Social Enterprise,
•the notification of the tools and the support offered by the Contractor and the Corporate Scheme with the implementation of the operation, from which the participants may benefit.
Educational material was formed and distributed as well as the necessary stationery for the participants (seminar folder, pen, notebook, CD with the educational material, USB with the Business Plan social entrepreneurship plan in editable form). Within the framework of the seminar, a draft Business Plan, a detailed program, an invitation, an evaluation sheet and a certificate of participation were drawn up. At the end of the seminar, the participants were given a Certificate of Participation, the Educational Material and a Business Plan draft in electronic form, and a Seminar Evaluation Sheet in order to record the degree of satisfaction of the participants, the prospects for improvement and potential future applications.

Please find the attacment below:

Greek Presentations

1.1 Introduction to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship

1.2 Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe

1.3 Institutional framework and forms of exercise of Social Entrepreneurship in Greece

1.4 Institutional framework of social economy in Bulgaria

2.1 Basic issues of Social Enterprise Management

2.2 Organizational structure of social enterprises and introduction to the principles of business administration 

2.3 Insurance and tax issues of Social Enterprises in Greece and Bulgaria

2.4 Financial management - utilization of microcredit

2.5 Business Networking - Collaborations

2.6 Investment valuation and valuation methods

3.1 Theories of human behavior

3.2 Attracting & selecting candidate members and / or employees in social enterprises

3.3 Finding, managing and mobilizing volunteers

3.4 Investigating the training and counseling needs of employees, volunteers and members

3.5 Group Development & Communication

3.6 Leadership - Leadership Development - Mentor Utilization

4. Marketing

5.1 Introductory concepts in export trade

5.2 Export Readiness Diagnosis - new technologies and export assistance

5.3 Tax and customs procedures for export trade



Final Report

Educational Seminar in Rodopi 

Educational Data of Seminar in Rodopi

Seminar Evaluation Sheet

Hourly Program