PB8 - Deliverable 3.8.1 Draft the Regional Report on SE's Sector - Impact and Opportunities

Conducted surveys and regional reports on social enterprise sector in Bulgaria (the whole data is delivered to HCCI for a final paper)

  • Conducted Cabinet Survey - reviewand secondary analysis of existing research data, statistical analysis, and document analysis.
  • Conducted Field Survey - provides information on social entrepreneurship;
  • Designed Questionnaires - provides information through questionnaires according to the specifics of the target groups.
  • Provided analyses based on the following statistical methods: descriptive data analysis method, graphical method for data analysis, multivariate questionnaires methods. SPSS statistical software was used.
  • Conducted Focus groups - exchange of views among the participants about the current and emerging trends in the sector of the social economy.
  • Provided analyses based on analytical methods - primary review and secondary analysis of data from existing studies, analysis of statistical information, and relevant documents.


Annex 1 Questionnaire English

Annex 2 Questionaire Institutions English

Annex 3 Questionaire for Unemployed