PB3 - Deliverable 5.3.2 Draft Policy Making Recommedations / Policy Paper - Communication.

Report on policy making recommendations originating from the Social Forces project and the Round Tables organized by Greek Beneficiaries: LB REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF RODOPI S.A, PB3 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Xanthi, PB4 Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, PB5 GNOSI ANAPTIXIAKI NGO. Since the beginning of the project implementation, four Roundtable meetings have been organized by the Greek Beneficiaries of the project in order to familiarize the local people and stakeholders with the content of a “Social Enterprise”, to explore the industry’s problems and to propose appropriate solutions. This is an effort to outline the main points of each meeting, to draw conclusions and thus to make recommendations on how to support social economy.

Draft Policy Making